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What is VerifyMyData.com & why choose us ?

VerifyMyData.com is one of the first database verification tool that have accuracy of 97-99% for a phone/email verification (more services are comming soon). The idea of having such a tool is quite handy. Imagine if your email list have total of 100.000 emails. And by some reason there are 10% of the emails either dead, or simply are fake. With VerifyMyData.com we can clear those 10% of the bad emails, leaving you with 90.000 high quality emails which will be sent out with any e-mail service out there without worrying about getting cut off by having high bounce rates.

Also a cost effective alternative. Why sending 10.000 more emails and getting charged for those, when you can simply avoid them. Same happens with SMS. Trying to send an SMS to a landline number, or simply a fake number (bunch of numbers) will result in you being charged by the gateway and the end user will not get the SMS message. Again like we mentioned before, its COST effective.

Core Services

List of core services and principles that VerifyMyData.com is built on.

Phone Verification

Verify your phone lists and split them in cellphones, landlines or bad numbers. Works with most of the countries worldwide.

Email Verification

Verify your email list and reduce the amount of bounces in your email campaigns. API available for live checking.


Spread across multiple balancers and multiple worker servers VerifyMyData.com is one of the fastest database verifier.

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